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Most people don’t really know me the way my wife knows me. She knows that i’m pretty shy and i have a hard time telling people how i feel and what i think. I hide behind a lot of things. Usually takes a drink, and a few friends to loosen me up and get me talking. Tonight i had a moment, i got to play with a musician i respect and have loved for a long time. Jimmy Barnes in my mind is just one of those singers that embodies what rock and roll is all about. I have a hard time saying these things to him when i’m around him and i doubt i’ll ever be able to say it the way i can write it. It’s just one of those things. Anyways tonight i got to sing with him and it was special to me. One of those moments i’ll keep in that scrapbook in my mind. It may have only been one song, but it felt great and it was special to me. Just thought i’d write it down. Now i think i’ll go listen to Cold Chisel :)

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    I love you.
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    Joel Madden is perfection.
  9. smile-when-you-think-of-me said: I love you Joel. You’re one of my favorite people ever and the times I’ve met you and seen you perform are some of my favorite memories. :)
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